Legal Betting On 2023 Horse Races

Legal horse racing betting sites are easy to find in all fifty US states, with many different betting apps/sites available from any mobile device with an internet connection. This page breaks down everything that needs to be known from making secure deposits to accepting horse betting bonuses. The best payouts for horse betting winnings can also be found on this page, as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the recommended option for all transactions across legal horse betting sites in the US.

Betting On 2023 Triple Crown Events

While there are endless horse racing events that have odds at legal betting sites, the three races that make up the Triple Crown are the most common for live and future horse betting. The updated odds for all three of the Triple Crown events can be found on this page, starting with legal Kentucky Derby odds. After the Kentucky Derby, the odds for the Preakness Stakes will drop, and then the Belmont Stakes odds will follow.

2023 Kentucky Derby Odds By Gate Number

Legal Triple Crown Betting

With the first race coming up in May (the Kentucky Derby), fans everywhere are looking for legal betting options for the Triple Crown. Legal Triple Crown betting starts and ends with the fact that it is legal to bet on all three races of the Triple Crown. The key to this is to use one of the many offshore online gambling sites that provide safe licensed and regulated betting opportunities for all U.S. bettors that like to wager on horses. Online sportsbooks have lines on a ton of sports racing events and that includes all three races in the Triple Crown. There will be lines not only on who will win the races but what the winner’s time will be, by how many lengths the winner will win, and so much more. Choose the site that’s right for you and start betting today.

Triple Crown Betting Odds
Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the Triple Crown. Held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY, on the first Saturday in May each year, the Kentucky Derby is the most well-known of all the American Thoroughbred races and is also the most famous horse race in the world. Known as the Run for the Roses, this event is run on a one-and-a-quarter-mile dirt track by three-year-old thoroughbreds. The Derby sets the stage for Triple Crown racing, as the winner of the Derby is the only one who can go on to claim the title that year.

Known as “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” the Derby attracts more viewers and bettors than the other two Triple Crown races. Futures for this event begin popping up months in advance, as soon as the qualifying races begin in September. With up to 20 horses all competing for a slot in history, Kentucky Derby betting odds can get intense and change quickly. Getting in on the action can be done at OTB shops all over, but the best place to bet on the Derby is at an online sportsbook. We’ll list the current 2022 Kentucky Derby futures odds below and continuously update the site as the event draws nearer.

Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes is the second leg of the annual Triple Crown and takes place right after the Kentucky Derby each year. This race is for American thoroughbreds that are three years old and takes place on the third Saturday in May and is held at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore. The track has a distance of 9.5 furlongs and online betting sites have odds for the winner each year, as odds come out following the Kentucky Derby results.

Belmont Stakes

As the last leg of the Triple Crown, the odds for Belmont Stakes drop each year after the Preakness Stakes conclude. The Belmont Stakes has the longest track of the Triple Crown with official measurements of 12 furlongs (one and a half miles) and is a race for three year old thoroughbreds and takes place in Elmont, New York at Belmont Park. Online betting sites like Bovada offer future odds for all participating ponies in this race each year.



Legal Horse Racing Betting Sites

Pari-mutuel fans everywhere are constantly trying to find the best legal horse racing betting sites on the internet. The qualities you should be looking for in a potential legal horse racing site are things like safety, legality, reliability, favorable odds and limits, and banking variety. Also, legal live betting on horse races is an important feature for potential horse betting sites. For all of your legal off-track betting needs, you should check out sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, or 5Dimes Sportsbook. These sites give you the benefit of betting on big horse races like the Breeders Cup or any of the Triple Crown Races from the comfort of your own home. You can use your computer or even your mobile device to place wagers and win big.

Best Legal Horse Betting Sites

There are many legal online betting sites available in the US that offer odds for all of the Triple Crown events and other annual races. The best sites offer different rebate promotions, deposit bonuses, fast payouts, and a variety of legal betting odds for all of the main horse races during the year.

Bovada Quick Sign Ups And Secure Deposits

Offering horse betting odds in the US for over a decade, Bovada has always been one of the most popular online betting sites for all of the Triple Crown events. An account with the betting site can be created within five minutes and deposits can be submitted and processed even faster when using Bitcoin. Along with cryptocurrency, Bovada offers debit cards, credit cards, P2P apps, and bank transfers for secure deposits. There are also deposit bonuses for every method and all of the funds can be used on legal horse betting.

BetOnline Best Horse Betting Bonuses

BetOnline is home to some of the best deposit bonuses that can be used for betting on horse races. The legal betting site offers up to $1,000 in bonus credits through a 100% deposit match when using cryptocurrency for the transaction. Any first time deposits with a credit card can be used to redeem a $1,000 bonus through a 50% deposit match. Along with new player bonuses, BetOnline offers a first time $25 risk free wager and daily 9% rebate promotions for the Racebook.

Top Sportsbooks for Legal Horse Betting
Making Deposits Into Legal Horse Betting Sites

Whether wanting to use Bitcoin or your credit card, it is extremely simple and secure to make deposits into legal horse betting sites. After logging into your account, head to the deposit or banking page and start the deposit process. Credit card and bank transfer transactions require you to type in your info, while crypto deposits need the address of the wallet that the funds are being sent from. Cryptocurrency offers the largest maximum and the lowest minimum for deposits at the top betting sites and have no fees attached.

Best Deposit Bonuses For Legal Horse Betting

Every new player of a legal horse betting site has the chance to redeem a big deposit match bonus when using one of the sportsbooks below:

  • Bovada – $750 new player bonus with crypto – 75% deposit match, 5x rollover
  • BetOnline – $1,000 new player bonus with crypto – 100% deposit match, 14x rollover
  • MyBookie – $1,000 new player bonus – 50% deposit match, 10x rollover
  • SportsBetting – $1,000 new player bonus – 50% deposit match, 12x rollover

Fastest Payout Methods For Betting On Horses

It is important to have secure and fast withdrawal methods on the back burner, after placing any wagers on the Kentucky Derby or the other two Triple Crown races. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the fastest options available for receiving payouts, offering same day transactions with no fees. Bank transfers and P2P methods like Venmo are other commonly offered withdrawal methods at legal US horse betting sites.

Legal Horse Betting From A Mobile Device

While there are legal horse betting apps that are regulated at the state level, they cannot be downloaded in every US state. However, online betting sites like Bovada that are available in your state can be used from the mobile browser of any smartphone device. This means that horse bettors can have instant access to live and future odds without leaving the house or having to download any app from the IOS or Google Play store.

Online Horse Racing Laws

Online horse racing betting, as well as off-track horse racing betting, have rapidly become as popular as any other sports wagering activity; but that being said, betting on horse racing online comes with its own specific limitations and rules.

Federal laws like the UIGEA and the recently-overturned PASPA were implemented to stop the widespread norm of gambling, but neither really were/are impactful when it comes to legal horse betting sites. The UIGEA has affected the way the banking side of things is done, but it doesn’t disallow the activity. PASPA (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992) barred the act of sports betting in most states, but even it did not include horse racing as a sport, so the activity always fell outside of its grasp. Additionally, horseplayers and domestic racebooks were specifically exempted from the Wire Act, as enumerated in the Interstate Horseracing Act (1978).

As far as state regulations and licensing are concerned, it varies depending on where you are. There are 15 states that prohibit the act of online gambling but that is only in regards to operations that run inside the state. So if you're wondering if horse betting is legal, as long as you use offshore online racebook sites, you are completely safe to place bets and enjoy yourself.

Legal Horse Betting FAQ's

Is Online Horse Racing Betting Similar To Betting At The Track?

Online horse racing betting is similar to betting at the track. You have access to all of the same wager types, plus some other ones that land-based racetracks don’t offer. You’ll also have an easier time getting your bet in because you just have to choose things off of a screen, rather than say them in the exact order to a teller. Anyone who lives far from a track or just doesn’t feel like dealing with the crowds can do all of the same things at an online horse racing betting site so that they never have to miss out on the action.

Should I Sign Up At More Than One Online Racebook?

The most important thing to do when betting on horse racing online is to make sure you’re comfortable. That means some people only want a single account. For others, though, this could mean creating multiple accounts. The advantage to signing up at more than one online racebook is better odds and more horse racing options. One book may only cover American races, while another covers the European circuit and another covers worldwide events. Those that cover the same events might have different odds for the same horse, so you can choose to bet at the book that has the more appealing payout. Plus, extra racebook accounts mean extra racebook bonuses.

What Are Kentucky Derby Morning Line Odds?

Morning line odds are estimated betting odds that are released by Churchill Downs’ personal handicapper. Morning line odds are not set in stone; what you see in the morning might not be the same as when the windows close minutes before the race. Morning line odds, like all betting odds, are influenced by what the public is doing. This could mean that a longshot in the morning could have much more favorable odds leading up to the race, and vice versa, the favorite could drop to become a longshot. It is important to remember that morning line odds are the same as any type of betting odds – influenced by public perception more than the horse’s actual chance of winning. Just remember to be confident in what you’re betting on.

Should I Wait For The Morning Line Odds To Come Out Before Making A Bet?

Morning line odds are just estimates, so they are what you make of them. Some people prefer to place futures and have already wagered on the race well before the morning of. Others like to watch how the people are betting and wait for the perfect time to place their bets for the best betting odds the day of. Honestly, it just depends on what type of horse racing bettor you are. If you’re using an online racebook, your morning line odds are usually going to be different than the ones that are released by the track, because different oddsmakers are making them. So everything really depends on what you want to do and what you feel comfortable doing.

What Happens To My Bet If My Horse Is Scratched?

If a horse is scratched, and you placed a win/place/show bet, your money will be refunded. If you placed an exotic wager like an exacta, trifecta, or superfecta, the portion of your bet that involves a scratched horse will be refunded and your wager will be adjusted accordingly. If you picked a daily double and the horse is scratched but you won the second part of your ticket, you will receive a consolation payout. Pick 3/pick 4, the scratched horse will be replaced with the race favorite in your ticket. These are just general rules for when a horse is scratched, so make sure to check the rulebook of your particular racebook to be sure of what exactly happens when your horse is scratched.

Scratches can also change Derby odds tremendously on occasion. In the 2019 Kentucky Derby, three days before the race, the favorite – Omaha Beach – was scratched. This dramatically changed other horses’ odds, and it also resulted in many horses changing their gate positions, which also plays into how bettors will pick their ponies. Always be on the lookout for scratches and how to capitalize on them.

Can I Make Straight And Exotic Bets From My Phone?

Yes, you can make straight and exotic bets from your phone. The ingenious part of having a mobile site instead of a betting app is that you never miss out on anything, including betting options. No matter if you’re trying to place a simple Win bet, or feel like trying your luck with a Superfecta, you can do so from your phone.

What The Best Way To Fund My Racebook Account?

There are a couple of ways to fund your online racebook account, but the best way is through Bitcoin. This digital currency is quick, simple to use, and doesn’t have any fees associated with it. As an independent currency, BTC transactions don’t need to be approved by a bank, so you’ll never have to deal with a delayed or declined payment. You also won’t have to wait very long for payments to be processed, as it takes only minutes to make a deposit. Bitcoin really is the best way to fund your racebook account.

What Is A "Length" In Horse Racing?

A “Length” in horse racing is the measurement of how long a horse is from nose to tail, generally about eight feet. Lengths are used to describe how far behind the competition is after the first horse has crossed the finish line. So when you hear that a horse won by 3 ½ lengths, you know that they won by a distance of about 28 feet.

How Long Is A Furlong?

In horse racing, furlongs are used as units of measure for horse tracks. A furlong is one-eighth of a mile, about 660 feet. Sometimes a track, usually a maidens’ course, isn’t quite long enough to measure in miles. So we use furlongs.

How Many Furlongs Is Churchill Downs?

In horse racing, furlongs are used as units of measure for horse tracks. A furlong is one-eighth of a mile, about 660 feet. Sometimes a track, usually a maidens’ course, isn’t quite long enough to measure in miles. So we use furlongs. The word “furlong” comes from “furrow length,” an old British farming measurement relating to the standard length of a furrow in a single acre of a plowed open field.

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