Best 2023 Mobile Horse Betting Apps

There are many different types of mobile horse betting apps that can be used in the US for all of the main racing events. While not every state offers regulated online horse betting at the state level, there are internationally operated horse betting sites that are 100% legal to use from the browser of a smartphone. Accepting the most players in the US, Bovada is one of the most trusted and secure horse betting sites and can be used to place live or future wagers on all three of the Triple Crown events from any Apple or Android device.

Current Kentucky Derby Odds

The odds for the 2023 Kentucky Derby have official been set and Forte is the betting favorite. The odds for all 20 horses organized by gate number can be found below and bet on from any smartphone at Bovada.

2023 Kentucky Derby Betting Apps

The Triple Crown races are highly-anticipated every year, particularly the Kentucky Derby. It kicks off the beginning of the three-part journey and is also an event that draws in nearly 200,000 spectators each year, plus hundreds of millions more nationally and internationally. There are already Kentucky Derby betting apps that bring you all of the exciting horse racing betting action that you wait for each and every year. The apps feature Derby Day betting odds for you to wager on, and live horse racing streams for you to watch the event. When you have picked your favorite three-year-old, you can bet on them to win, place, or, show. There are also plenty of exotic wagers at your fingertips when you use an app.

Mobile Kentucky Derby apps also have handicapping tips and free horse picks, so reading these sections can be beneficial before placing your bet. Many bettors will always put money on the mainstream favorites, but there are always plenty of contenders in the running, and longshots frequently win the Run for the Roses and other marquee races. Don’t forget that you can bet from anywhere when you use a Kentucky Derby betting app, which means you don’t have to be at Churchill Downs or even anywhere near the state of Kentucky. When you want to bet on the Kentucky Derby from your mobile phone or tablet, use a site such as Bovada or BetOnline.

Do All Online Racebooks Have Mobile Apps?

All online racebooks do not have dedicated mobile apps but that does not mean there are no mobile betting options. Rather than requiring bettors to use up space on their device and take the time to find a separate download, there are mobile versions of the racebook that can be accessed from a web browser. All you have to do is type in the website address of the horse racing betting site from your smartphone or tablet, and you will automatically be redirected to a version of the racebook that is optimized for mobile. Just as a mobile app will appear on your home screen, you can add the link to the online racebook to your device for even easier access.

Mobile Horse Racing Betting Apps For iOS

Apple has truly taken over the smartphone industry, with the majority of bettors requesting mobile horse racing betting apps for iOS. The widespread use of the iPhone and its overall design make it the ideal platform for mobile horse betting. Mobile horse betting apps are not just for iPhones and can also be used on other iOS devices. While you can watch horse racing streams from your iPhone and not have to worry about issues with the resolution, you can also opt to use your iPad for an even bigger picture. You can also watch replays, view horse racing results, and of course, place bets, all from the palm of your hand.

Bovada is one of the best online racebooks for iOS users. The operator is known for having one of the sleekest and most well-designed sites in the industry, and the same holds true for their mobile app. It is not a traditional app in the sense that there is no download required, but the site does offer a mobile-friendly online racebook that can be easily accessed from your iPhone or iPad. Once you type in the web address, you will be directed to the mobile racebook which has all of the features you are looking for. Make a deposit, check out the track list, and bet on your favorite races of the day. There is no cost to use the mobile Bovada racebook, just visit the site today and create an account!

Mobile Horse Betting Apps For Android

In this day in age, you are either team iPhone or team Android, but online racebooks offer exclusive products for both. There are plenty of mobile horse betting apps for Android users that are exciting and fun for betting the ponies. You will find user-friendly apps that are compatible with Samsung, LG, HTC, and other types of Droid smartphones. There are also plenty of Android tablets from Motorola, Samsung, and other popular names. The mobile racebooks that you love will also have versions compatible with these devices as well. When you want to bet the horses or just catch up on the day’s races, you can use mobile horse betting apps like BetOnline or Bovada.

BetOnline has been one of the premier online racebooks for quite some time, and now they also offer a mobile racebook product for Android users. BetOnline has mobile software that you can visit by either typing in the website address, or by scanning the QR code provided on the site. There is no download required and the mobile site is extremely fast. You can use BetOnline mobile horse betting anywhere, whether at the bar or waiting in line. The mobile racebook accepts bets on tracks all over the world, including Churchill Downs, Pimlico, and other famed horse racing tracks. BetOnline is one of the most streamlined mobile racebooks for Android users, and you can start betting on horses from your mobile today!

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